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3 -  Thermal Paint  & Industrial and Marine Coatings
   Our premiere product is TEMP-COATŪ, the very best
and oldest name in liquid ceramic insulations. TEMP-COATŪ
is a liquid latex barrier form of insulation that has
many uses for Industry,
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Great Western Painting  

Tanks - Water Towers, -High Rises
 & Bridges - USA
Commercial   & Industrial

MSHA Approved

Patrick  1 - 877-749-5554

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  RPM International
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Delivering technologically advanced, environmentally responsible coatings solutions - protecting vessels and life at sea.16 manufacturing plants,
operations in 60 countries,


International Painting Contractors


A sampling of prestigious facilities using Old Village Paint Colours:

International paint manufacturer with stores worldwide.
Site offers paint info, tips, and color  schemes
Guangdong Jingzhongjing Industrial Painting
 Equipment Co., Ltd.
 specializes ture and
enspecializes in the development, manufacture and
sale of industrial painting equipment.

Jiangmen Whole World Industrial Co  in China.
largest & most comprehensive enterprise in China.  Our main products are including wallpaper adhesive, Wallpaper glue, wallpaper primer. All products from us are harmless, non-toxic,
green product and eco-friendly,

Industrial Paint  Manufacturers

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 Pipe Painting  -  Industrial Pipe Painting


International Painting Contractors


Industrial Paint  Manufacturers  -   Shale gas Fracking  - 
Industrial Painting Equipment    ipmanufacturers
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